• Why We Exist

    It's the reason we wake up and serve, everyday!

    Our mission at Chaicup is simple: to be among India's most trusted food & beverage brands.

    We want to put a smile on everyone's face when they eat or drink, and to be their Cup of Happiness®.


    Chaicup's vision is of delicious, affordable, and sustainable foods & beverages.

    We leverage unique product & customer insights to marry a world-class supply chain with a fast, friendly experience for every consumer.


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  • What We Do

    We make delicious foods & beverages (we call each of them a Cup of Happiness®) with love & care, and serve them up everyday.

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    The Finest Ingredients

    It matters to us that we source our raw materials, supplies & other ingredients from responsible and ethical sources.


    Making sure that what we make is

    sustainable, ensures zero compromise.

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    Love, with Technology

    For everyday ingredients to be transformed into cups of happiness, we rely on a proprietary, lab-formulated set of recipes.


    We know what delicious really means, and we make it happen every single day.


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    Deliciousness and Hygiene

    Stringent standards and monitoring for both hygiene & quality allow us to make each of our products consistently great.


    If greatness isn't consistent, then it really isn't greatness.

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    Safe, Fast & Friendly

    Whether in person or via our delivery partners, you can always count on our friendliness & honesty to come through.


    It takes more than just food & drink to make every cup, a cup of happiness.

  • What We're Doing

    Some of our key milestones, and the love we've received, which keeps us going!

    1 million+ (and counting!)

    The number of items lovingly prepared, packed and served by us, so far

    500,000+ (yes, that is half-a-million people!)

    The number of individual consumers we've served over the last 12 months


    Consumer touch-points — Total active retail outlets, updated here as we grow!


    The number of businesses served by us, across categories and geographies


    The number of businesses served by us, across categories and geographies

  • Who We Are

    Chaicup's leadership team, investors & advisors.

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    Founder, CEO

    With a long history in the hospitality & retail sectors including a stint running operations at WayCool, Aafaaq combines a strong execution focus with a get-it-done outlook: He is Chaicup's Founder & CEO, and on a mission to create an impact by building a scalable, trusted food & beverage brand serving the everyday Indian.

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    Board Member, Lead Investor

    As Chaicup's sole lead investor in our seed round in 2019, Vignesh has served on Chaicup's Board as a Director since inception and is instrumental to our existence & growth. Serving as a mentor to the founder & the executive team, Vignesh advises Chaicup across the company's activities — focusing on our growth strategy, capital & culture.

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    Ramasubramanian "Subbu" G

    Board Observer, Lead Investor

    An investor + entrepreneur with a wealth of technology experience, Subbu led Chaicup's pre-Series A round in 2021 as Partner at SiriusOne Capital. Subbu advises Chaicup on a variety of aspects ranging from governance, technology and administration, to helping the team build strong management processes.

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    Hari Krishnan


    A seasoned investor at Astarc Ventures & a prior entrepreneur — with successful exits as both founder & VC, Hari is a promoter-director at iDrive, helping early-stage investors allocate capital. Hari advises Chaicup's founding team with a focus on scaling effectively, ensuring capital efficiency & exploring innovative, new business avenues.

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    Rajkumar Paraman

    Supply Chain Operations

    With a strong background in engineering & management and having cut his teeth at Ninjacart, Rajkumar now runs our supply chain operations, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of our customers can enjoy their Cup of Happiness® every single day.

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    Lukmaan MA

    Business Intelligence

    Coming from a background of accounting, compliance & with significant international experience with trading houses in the Middle East, Lukmaan looks after Chaicup's numbers to ensure our processes & metrics keep pace with our growth.

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    ...25+ other Chaicuppers!

    the team

    We're fortunate to be joined by a mission-driven, competent team of leaders, analysts, chefs & beverage experts, marketers, pilots, maintenance & support staff who enable us to be every consumer's Cup of Happiness®. We're grateful, and always hiring!

  • What We're Saying

    Check out our social media feeds, updated straight from our official channels!

    Our constantly updated, energising Instagram feed. #chaicup

    Our official, energy-filled Instagram feed.



    Our official Facebook page, for additional news & updates. #chaicup

    Our official Facebook page, for posts & updates.



    We're on LinkedIn too! #chaicup

    Our company is

    on LinkedIn too!



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  • What We Frequently Get Asked

    If you have any other questions, please feel free write to us at support@chaicup.co and we'd be happy to get back to you.

    Where can I find, taste & experience Chaicup near me?

    We operate & are rapidly opening a series of our own retail outlets, where you can enjoy the Chaicup experience. Find your nearest outlet by simply typing in Chaicup on Google Maps, or just visit chaicup.co/locations for our updated list of active Chaicup locations. We look forward to serving you your Cup of Happiness®!

    How do I order from Chaicup online?

    Thank you for asking! If you'd like to order for right now, we're always available for orders on Swiggy, Zomato & Dunzo. Open and order away! If you are a business (e.g. a distributor, supermarket, grocer or other company) please reach out to us to discuss how we can help at (+91) 44 4740 9511. We'd love to serve!

    How safe are products from Chaicup?

    Our foods & beverages are made and tested within our own state-of-the-art production facility, in the heart of the city of Chennai in southern India, and are directly distributed to all Chaicup points of sale. In-house production allows us to control each aspect of our process, as part of which we enforce the highest possible standards in health, hygiene & sanitation. Additionally, we strive to remain continuously compliant with industry best practices, as well as with the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

    What's on the Chaicup menu?

    At Chaicup, we make what we serve — 100% in-house.
    We have a wide range of chai & coffee (and other beverages), as well as a growing selection of bakery & confectionery goodies — all available to order now!
    To know more about our product range or for tailormade options, please write to us at support@chaicup.co, and we will have our team get in touch.

    What types of businesses buy from Chaicup?

    Aside from our consumers who buy from us directly, Chaicup business customers have included supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, offices, hospitals, schools & colleges, cinemas — And many more.


    Given we produce what we provide completely in-house, we're happy to cater to orders of any size, including large volumes. From your local kirana (mom-and-pop) stores and bakeries, through to small offices & large corporations: We'd like for Chaicup to be enjoyed by everyone!

    Can I become a Chaicup franchisee?

    We're flattered that you love our brand, and we thank you for asking. Though Chaicup is not actively seeking franchisees at the moment, we would love to begin building relationships with potential partners with whom we are happy to share our success.


    We genuinely believe we've got a long way to go towards building Bharat's - and indeed the world's - trust in our brand, so please be patient with us as we go further on that journey. As soon as we're ready for franchisee partnerships, we promise you'll be the first to know.

  • reach us

    please write to us using the form below, if you'd like to get in touch!